NAK: [SRU][F:linux-bluefield][Pull Request] Cherry-pick the upstreamed mlxbf-gige driver

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Wed Jul 14 12:16:25 UTC 2021

On 7/13/21 1:28 PM, Asmaa Mnebhi wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> Indeed the last commit in the pull request "UBUNTU: SAUCE: Add code not included in upstreamed mlxbf-gige and gpio-mlxbf2" has many changes:
> 1) in the gpio-mlxbf2.c, I added changes that go hand in hand with the upstreamed version of the mlxbf-gige driver. We removed the dependency of mlxbf-gige on gpio-mlxbf2.c driver so we had to adjust the gpio code accordingly like removing the PHY interrupt.
> 2) Couple of new macros were added to the gpio driver.
> 3) The gige driver version was removed in the upstreamed mlxbf-gige because maintainers don't like that. But internally, we would like to keep it since it is very helpful in determining whether the gige driver is up to date.
> 4) the mlxbf_gige_set_ringparam function was also removed from mlxbf-gige because the maintainers did not like that. But internally, it is very useful.
> So you want me to separate the above commit into 4 different commits and integrate them within the pull request?

Yes - I think that would be very informative, not only for you months 
down the road, but for anyone else trying to follow your development 

Tim Gardner
Canonical, Inc

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