NACK: [B][PATCH 2/2] unfuck sysfs_mount()

Guilherme Piccoli gpiccoli at
Thu Jul 1 12:50:09 UTC 2021

Cascardo, thanks a lot for the deep analysis!
The first commit in the series was the real fix, and you acked it! So,
we're fine.

Regarding this one, honestly I always had a terrible time with VFS
commits due to the complete lack of good commit messages from Al plus
the complexity of the code. This one, for me seemed a very
straightforward fix - I've also asked feedback in linux-stable (from
Al himself!) and the patch was accepted for 4.14.y .

You seem to have a good understanding of this area, so I'd suggest you
to reply [0] with your analysis to prevent it to get added on stable
4.14.y - and if it is added there, we can either remove it later or
just not merge this stable fix in our kernels.




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