[PATCH][SRU][F-hwe-5.11 00/30] Update SmartPQI driver

Krzysztof Kozlowski krzysztof.kozlowski at canonical.com
Thu Jul 1 06:51:11 UTC 2021

BugLink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1933518


* Microchip asks to update the SCSI SmartPQI driver to latest version
  from upstream Linux kernel.
* This contains mostly fixes and refactorings.
* Updated driver allows to support properly latest SmartPQI controllers.


* Cherry-pick all the patches related to smartpqi.
* These are clean picks although the patchset is pretty big.

[Test Plan]

* Build-test each commit.
* Asked Microhip to perform the testing. Received feedback:
  "I installed the provided kernel package and thus far performed:
  1. reboot tests
  2. insmod/rmmod tests
  3. fio testing: no performance regressions"

[Where problems could occur]

* The patches touch only smartpqi driver so the scope of possible
  failures is limited to systems which probe it (so basically systems
  with SmartPQI controller).
* On such SmartPQI-equipped systems the patchset can cause data corruption,
  data loss or unavailability of SCSI storage and boot failure.

Best regards,

Bart Van Assche (1):
  scsi: smartpqi: Remove unused functions

Don Brace (9):
  scsi: smartpqi: Refactor aio submission code
  scsi: smartpqi: Refactor scatterlist code
  scsi: smartpqi: Add support for RAID5 and RAID6 writes
  scsi: smartpqi: Add support for RAID1 writes
  scsi: smartpqi: Add stream detection
  scsi: smartpqi: Add host level stream detection enable
  scsi: smartpqi: Update version to 2.1.8-045
  scsi: smartpqi: Fix blocks_per_row static checker issue
  scsi: smartpqi: Fix device pointer variable reference static checker

Kevin Barnett (17):
  scsi: smartpqi: Add support for BMIC sense feature cmd and feature
  scsi: smartpqi: Add support for long firmware version
  scsi: smartpqi: Align code with oob driver
  scsi: smartpqi: Disable WRITE SAME for HBA NVMe disks
  scsi: smartpqi: Remove timeouts from internal cmds
  scsi: smartpqi: Add support for wwid
  scsi: smartpqi: Update event handler
  scsi: smartpqi: Update soft reset management for OFA
  scsi: smartpqi: Synchronize device resets with mutex
  scsi: smartpqi: Update suspend/resume and shutdown
  scsi: smartpqi: Update RAID bypass handling
  scsi: smartpqi: Update OFA management
  scsi: smartpqi: Update device scan operations
  scsi: smartpqi: Fix driver synchronization issues
  scsi: smartpqi: Convert snprintf() to scnprintf()
  scsi: smartpqi: Add additional logging for LUN resets
  scsi: smartpqi: Correct system hangs when resuming from hibernation

Murthy Bhat (3):
  scsi: smartpqi: Add phy ID support for the physical drives
  scsi: smartpqi: Update SAS initiator_port_protocols and
  scsi: smartpqi: Update enclosure identifier in sysfs

 drivers/scsi/smartpqi/smartpqi.h              |  299 +-
 drivers/scsi/smartpqi/smartpqi_init.c         | 2989 ++++++++++-------
 .../scsi/smartpqi/smartpqi_sas_transport.c    |   39 +-
 drivers/scsi/smartpqi/smartpqi_sis.c          |    4 +-
 4 files changed, 2023 insertions(+), 1308 deletions(-)


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