config.common.ubuntu and annotations problem CONFIG_SND_MAX_CARDS

Olivier SCHMITT sc.olivier at
Sun Sep 13 18:32:10 UTC 2020

Hello Dear All,

I just wanted to point out that when changing the CONFIG_SND_MAX_CARDS 
parameter from 32 to eg 256.

In the files:


the CONFIG_SND_MAX_CARDS parameters stay on:
CONFIG_SND_MAX_CARDS policy<{'amd64': '32', 'arm64': '32', 'armhf': 
'32', 'i386': '32', 'ppc64el': '32', }>

To finish kernel compilation i have to change to this manualy:
CONFIG_SND_MAX_CARDS                            policy<{'amd64': '256', 
'arm64': '256', 'armhf': '256', 'i386': '256', 'ppc64el': '256', }>

Maybe something is missing somewhere.

Thanks in advance.
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