APPLIED[Unstable]/Cmt: [SRU][F/OEM-5.6/G][PATCH 0/5] improve the amd renoir audio driver to prepare to work with ucm3

seth.forshee at seth.forshee at
Fri Jul 17 22:35:48 UTC 2020

On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 09:24:19AM +0800, Hui Wang wrote:
> BugLink:
> For focal and oem-5.6 kernel, these all 5 patches are needed, for
> groovy kernel, since the 1st patch is already in the 5.8 kernel, the
> groovy kernel only needs the last 3 patches [3/5, 4/5 and 5/5]. BTW
> the last 3 patches will be in the mainline kernel 5.9.
> [Impact]
> the alsa upstream worte the ucm3 files for amd renoir audio, but to
> load the ucm3, it depends on the kernel module name, and the upstream
> ucm3 needs the name snd-xxx, so we need to backport the patches
> from mainline kernel to change the kernel module name to meet ucm3
> requirement. BTW, there are some dmic dynamically detection patches,
> we integrate them too.
> [Fix]
> Backport 4 patches from upstream.
> [Test Case]
> boot the kernel with these patches on amd renoir machines (lenovo
> machines), the audio driver works well (via command line like
> aplay or areord), then upgrade the alsa-lib and alsa-ucm-conf to
>, now we could see the audio devices from gnome, and they work
> well.
> [Regression Risk]
> Low, this SRU are only specific to soc/amd/renoir, and we already
> tested on 2 lenovo machines, their audio worked as before.

Some of these patches are noted as coming from a maintainer tree but are
not marked as sauce. However they are already in linux-next, so should
be noted as coming from there instead. Please be more careful about this
in the future.

Applied to unstable with the commit messages updated to indicate that
they were cherry picked from linux-next. Thanks!

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