Changes file no longer bundled in

Brian K. White b.kenyon.w at
Tue Jul 14 20:46:37 UTC 2020

On 7/14/20 4:42 AM, DanglingPointer wrote:
> Is anyone going to respond to this?
> On 11/7/20 4:44 am, Brian K. White wrote:
>> I too would like to know why is there no more CHANGES file in the 
>> mainline ppa after 5.6.17 ?
>> Is it a glitch in the automation or an intentional change or the 
>> result of an upstream change or ?? Is the equivalent info available 
>> somewhere else?

And now I would also, separately, like to know, why there is no other 
maintainer contact info to be found anywhere other than this list address?

It's annoying enough to have to join a mail list just to ask the 
maintainer of a package a question about the package, but when that 
address then doesn't even work because no one responds to email sent to 
it, there is something broken there.

How is it that there is this hostname, and this ppa 
~kernel-ppa and no hint anywhere of who to contact about them? What if 
the problem were less trivial than this question about the changelog file?

Who maintains ?
Why is that not an answerable question other than "Ubuntu"?
How does one ask "Ubuntu" this question about the kernel-ppa?
Is one really supposed to start at ?


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