[PATCH] [Unstable] UBUNTU: SAUCE: selftests: net: ip_defrag: modprobe missing nf_defrag_ipv6 support

Paolo Pisati paolo.pisati at canonical.com
Tue Jul 14 13:13:10 UTC 2020

On Tue, Jul 14, 2020 at 01:50:45PM +0100, Colin Ian King wrote:
> Should the modprobe be after the set +x, set -e commands?

If nf_defrag_ipv6 doesn't exist (e.g. CONFIG_NF_DEFRAG_IPV6=y or
CONFIG_NF_DEFRAG_IPV6 is not set), 'set -e' will make it exit (man builtins |
set section):

-e      Exit immediately if a pipeline (which may consist of a single simple command), a list, or a compound command (see SHELL  GRAM‐
        MAR above), exits with a non-zero status.

$ cat << EOF >> test.sh 
#!/bin/sh -x

modprobe -q foobar 
set -e
modprobe -q foobar

echo DONE

$ chmod +x test.sh
$ sudo ./test.sh 
+ modprobe -q foobar
+ set -e
+ modprobe -q foobar

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