APPLIED: [PATCH 0/1] nvme_fc patch prevents unloading lpfc module in both BFS and non-BFS scenarios

Seth Forshee seth.forshee at
Thu Apr 2 20:33:24 UTC 2020

On Wed, Apr 01, 2020 at 11:30:33AM -0400, Jeff Lane wrote:
> This upstream commit:
> 863fbae929c7a5b64e96b8a3ffb34a29eefb9f8f
> nvme_fc: add module to ops template to allow module references
> was pulled into Focal as part of this bug:
> and this commit into Focal:
> a7441301b20dc8a7772972a092968bb353b7a642
> This patch was added to prevent the unloading of lpfc driver when doing NVMe
> BFS booting. Broadcom has identified that this patch introduces a bug that
> prevents unloading of lpfc driver in the non-BFS case as well.
> Because of this, they have asked that we revert this patch and remove it from
> our kernel. Additionally, Broadcome have also said that they are working on a
> patch upstream to revert this as well. As it may not land upstream in time to
> meet kernel freeze for Focal, I'm providing a patch to revert this commit
> directly.

Applied to focal/master-next and unstable/master, thanks!

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