pull request for raspi2 eoan kernel

Hui Wang hui.wang at canonical.com
Thu Sep 19 07:31:38 UTC 2019

These are the tests I did during the sprint,

arm64 kernel
  - boot test on pi3 and pi4: PASSED

armhf kernel
  - boot test on pi2, pi3 and pi4: PASSED

kernel build via ppa: PASSED

And apart from the boot test, I also tested the devices on the pi4 two 
weeks ago, most of the devices worked well.
device verified:
   + UART
   + USB host x 3.0
   + PCIe
   + FB over HDMI
   + AUDIO over HDMI
   + AUDIO over headphone Jack
   + I2C
   + SPI
   + MMC/SDHCI Storage
   + SDIO WiFi
   + Ethernet
   + GPIO

device not verified:
   x VideoCore GPU
   x HW Encoder/Decoder
   x Bluetooth
   x V4L2 camera

feature not supported yet (even not support in the
   x cpufreq
   x cpuidle
   x suspend/resume

And the git repository is at,
https://github.com/jason77-wang/eoan-rpi-pull/tree/e-raspi2 , from the 
commit 329843469a92

or directly use this one?

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