[SRU][E][PATCH v2 0/5] Add perf support for Comet Lake/Ice Lake CPU

You-Sheng Yang vicamo.yang at canonical.com
Wed Nov 27 08:02:10 UTC 2019

BugLink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1848978

There is no complete perf support for Comet Lake CPU. For Ice Lake, some
changes has been included in v5.3, but still misses CPU IDs.

perf support for Comet Lake is based on previous works for Ice Lake, so
changes for both have to be backported.

[Test Case]
On platforms with Comet Lake/Ice Lake CPUs, one should find new
cstate_pkg events c{8,9,10}-residency appear in output of `perf list`
for use.

[Regression Potential]
Low. This backports perf support for previously incompletedly supported
cpu models.

- drop patch from commit 63b79f6ebc46 ("perf/x86: Support constraint
  ranges") as it has already been included in v5.3.

Kan Liang (5):
  perf/x86/intel: Add Comet Lake CPU support
  perf/x86/msr: Add Comet Lake CPU support
  perf/x86/cstate: Add Comet Lake CPU support
  perf/x86/msr: Add new CPU model numbers for Ice Lake
  perf/x86/cstate: Update C-state counters for Ice Lake

 arch/x86/events/intel/core.c   |  2 ++
 arch/x86/events/intel/cstate.c | 42 ++++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 arch/x86/events/msr.c          |  5 ++++
 3 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)


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