ACK: [SRU][X,B,D,E] update ENA driver for DIMLIB

Connor Kuehl connor.kuehl at
Tue Nov 26 16:25:21 UTC 2019

On 11/19/19 10:44 AM, Kamal Mostafa wrote:
> BugLink:
> Update the Amazon ENA driver to latest mainline version with dynamic
> interrupt moderation supplied by DIMLIB, plus a couple of pending fixes
> from the netdev mailing list.
> Note: For {Xenial,Bionic,Disco}, this needs bug 1852637
>      ("backport DIMLIB (lib/dim/) to pre-5.2 kernels")
> as a prerequisite.
>   -Kamal

Nice clean cherry-picks. The last two patches that are on their way 
upstream seem easy enough to accommodate even after a decision has been 
reached for upstream acceptance.

Acked-by: Connor Kuehl <connor.kuehl at>

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