[PATCH][B/D/B-OEM] drm/amdgpu: stolen vram for raven fixing screen corruption

Yang, Adam Adam1.Yang at amd.com
Mon Jun 3 10:17:54 UTC 2019

Hi Timo,
The following two patches are needed to fix screen corruption when modprobe amdgpu for raven series.
Please cherry-pick them into bionic hwe, disco and oem support.

02122753f1d0ac39d8c89f20f541a519a3002e92  drm/amdgpu: reserve stollen vram for raven series
379109351f4f6f2405cf54e7a296055f589c3ad1  drm/amdgpu: keep stolen memory on picasso

Software Engineer, MLSE
AMD, Advanced Micro Devices
Phone: +86-13761283909
Adam Yang

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