[X/B/D/E linux-aws][SRU] Update EFA driver to 1.5.0

Connor Kuehl connor.kuehl at canonical.com
Thu Dec 19 18:44:18 UTC 2019

BugLink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1850195

EFA 1.5.0 has been tagged in the open source GitHub repository:


Test kernels were created from these pull requests and each has passed automated

The 1.5.0 release contains fixes for expressing a module dependency on ib_uverbs
for earlier releases such as Xenial & Bionic, as well as a driver ID being back-
ported so that EFA can be interacted with properly with ioctl.

Please note that Eoan's pull request is different in that I first ported EFA
1.4.0 to it, and then layered the commits on top of it from the GitHub repo to
effectively "fastforward" it to 1.5.0.

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