A new SRU cycle started...

Khaled Elmously khalid.elmously at canonical.com
Wed Dec 18 08:51:11 UTC 2019

cycle: 02-Dec through 05-Jan (5 weeks)
         27-Nov   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
02-Dec - 06-Dec   Kernel prep week.
09-Dec - 03-Jan   Bug verification & Regression testing.
         06-Jan   Release to -updates.

Kernel Versions
    linux:               5.3.0-25.27
    linux:               5.0.0-38.41
    linux:               4.15.0-73.82
    linux-hwe:           5.3.0-25.27~18.04.1
    linux:               4.4.0-171.200
    linux-hwe:           4.15.0-73.82~16.04.1

cycle: 06-Jan through 26-Jan (3 weeks)
         01-Jan   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
06-Jan - 10-Jan   Kernel prep week.
13-Jan - 24-Jan   Bug verification & Regression testing.
         27-Jan   Release to -updates.

* Please note that the bionic/linux-hwe kernel from this cycle will be the 
one used in the Bionic 18.04.4 LTS release *

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