[X][B][SRU][PATCH 0/1] selftests/net: correct the return value for run_afpackettests

Po-Hsu Lin po-hsu.lin at canonical.com
Fri Dec 6 12:07:40 UTC 2019

== Justification ==
The run_afpackettests will be marked as passed regardless the return
value of those sub-tests in the script:
    running psock_tpacket test
    selftests: run_afpackettests [PASS]

Fix this by changing the return value for each tests.

== Fix ==
* 8c03557 (selftests/net: correct the return value for run_afpackettests)

This patch has alreay landed on newer releases and D with stable
For X and B this can be backported with the same logic.

== Test ==
Tested on a Xenial KVM with this patch applied on these two trees, when
the test failed the return value will be 1 instead of 0 as expected.

== Regression Potential ==
* Low, it's just reflecting the real test return value. We may see this
test failing on some kernels but it's good as it's reporting a real bug.

Po-Hsu Lin (1):
  selftests/net: correct the return value for run_afpackettests

 tools/testing/selftests/net/run_afpackettests | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)


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