ACK/Cmnt: [SRU][Bionic][PATCH] tuntap: correctly set SOCKWQ_ASYNC_NOSPACE

Nicolas Dichtel nicolas.dichtel at
Wed Aug 28 13:48:45 UTC 2019

Le 27/08/2019 à 17:04, Stefan Bader a écrit :
> On 26.08.19 19:14, Kamal Mostafa wrote:
>> 1bd4978a88ac2 ("tun: honor IFF_UP in tun_get_user()")
> Normally bug reports for SRU should have a justification section like I have
> added now for this one. Ideally with a test case (or steps how something can be
> verified). If someone could do the same for the ipv6 neighbour resolution
> request. Thanks

The description and the test case are explained in the commit log, it's just a
copy and paste. But what do you expect in the "Fix" section?
For now, the fix has only been backported in disco. I was checking bionic but
not xenial 4.4.


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