APPLIED(cmnt): [Bionic SRU][Patch 0/3] CPPC: bug fixes

Khaled Elmously khalid.elmously at
Tue Oct 23 06:30:08 UTC 2018

Added missing S-O-B

On 2018-10-16 13:52:34 , Manoj Iyer wrote:
> Please consider the following patch set for SRU in Bionic for CPPC bug 
> fixes from upstream, these patches are clean cherry-picks. 
> CPPC bug fixes:
> The CPPC feature needs to be explicitly enabled in Firmware (default is
> disabled) for these patches to be in effect. 
> I have build a kernel and regression tested on Cavium Thunder X2 CN99XX 
> system. For test kernel, and detailed test results. please refer to the 
> comments in the bug report.
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