APPLIED: [PATCH 0/2][T] CVE-2015-8539, CVE-2017-15299 - Multiple issues in the kernel keyring

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at
Mon Oct 1 10:16:15 UTC 2018

On 14.09.2018 20:53, Tyler Hicks wrote:
>  The KEYS subsystem in the Linux kernel before 4.4 allows local users to
>  gain privileges or cause a denial of service (BUG) via crafted keyctl
>  commands that negatively instantiate a key, related to
>  security/keys/encrypted-keys/encrypted.c, security/keys/trusted.c, and
>  security/keys/user_defined.c.
>  The KEYS subsystem in the Linux kernel through 4.13.7 mishandles use of
>  add_key for a key that already exists but is uninstantiated, which allows
>  local users to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and
>  system crash) or possibly have unspecified other impact via a crafted
>  system call.
> These patches have been tested with the reproducers for both CVEs as
> well as the QRT test which makes use of the
> kernel keyring when setting up and decrypting user's home directories.
> Tyler
Applied to trusty/master-next. Thanks.


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