APPLIED/cmnt: [PATCH 0/1][T/B] CVE-2018-14734 - Denial of Service in Infiniband core

Khaled Elmously khalid.elmously at
Thu Nov 29 07:06:17 UTC 2018

Applied to T and B.
Tyler, could you please include the [SRU] tag in the subject line to make it easy to identify the message as an SRU patch?

On 2018-11-20 01:18:47 , Tyler Hicks wrote:
>  drivers/infiniband/core/ucma.c in the Linux kernel through 4.17.11 allows
>  ucma_leave_multicast to access a certain data structure after a cleanup
>  step in ucma_process_join, which allows attackers to cause a denial of
>  service (use-after-free).
> Clean cherry pick to Bionic and Trusty. Xenial has already been fixed thanks to
> the fix coming in via linux-stable. I was unable to test the affected code due
> to lack of necessary hardware. However, the build logs are clean and the fix is
> easy to review.
> Tyler
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