[SRU][Bionic][PATCH 0/5] Fixes for LP1799184 [v2]

Frank Heimes frank.heimes at canonical.com
Fri Nov 2 19:29:30 UTC 2018

BugLink: http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1799184

== SRU Justification ==

'APQN tags in the zcrypt device driver are required to support
deterministic driver binding'
With the introduction of KVM hw crypto virtualization (on s390x) the driver
bound to an AP queue device is no longer unique determined.
Therefore a deterministic hot plugging semantics of AP queues that may be
bound to multiple drivers is needed.
With the three listed commits here it will be possible to configure an AP
queue (APQN) as being bound to a particular driver even if the associate hw
gets intermittently lost and reconnected.

== Fix ==

ac2b96f351d7d222 ("s390/zcrypt: code beautify")
7e0bdbe5c21cb831 ("s390/zcrypt: AP bus support for alternate driver(s)")
3d8f60d38e249f98 ("s390/zcrypt: hex string mask improvements for apmask and

2c957a8ad45 ("s390/zcrypt: remove unused functions and declarations")
4a07750ba8f3f ("s390/zcrypt: Show load of cards and queues in sysfs")

== Regression Potential ==

Llow. because:
- There are quite some changes, but everything is limited to s390/zcrypt,
- So everything is s390x specific.
- And larger parts of the changes are beautifications.
- It's all upstream accepted in 4.19
- The code is already successfully test, integrated and running in cosmic.

== Test Case ==

On an LPAR that has access to an CryptoExpress card,
execute the 'lszcrypt --verbose'
and check availability of:
General test and verification was btw. also done by IBM.
Please notice that the code already landed in cosmic.
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