The Daily Bug Report for Friday, 04. May 2018 22:36 UTC

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Fri May 4 23:00:03 UTC 2018

The Daily Bug Report
Friday, 04. May 2018 22:36 UTC

The linux package acquired 7 new bugs in the last 24 hrs.

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status           Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    -------------    ---------------------
1769027   perf record crash: refcount_inc assertion  failed                           Medium          Triaged          Joseph Salisbury
1769120   [Dell Precision 5520] wifi is very unreliable to connect ...    xenial      Medium          Confirmed        Unassigned
1769197   package linux-headers-4.4.0-116 4.4.0-116.140 failed to i...    xenial      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1769217   package linux-image-extra-4.4.0-98-generic 4.4.0-98.121 f...    xenial      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1769223   session failed to start if previous error login                             Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned
1769263   LSM Stacking prctl values should be redefined as to not c...                Medium          Triaged          Unassigned
1769265   kernel-oops  unable to handle kernel NULL pointer in page...    cosmic      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned

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