[PULL][SRU Bionic] hisi_sas bugfixes

dann frazier dann.frazier at canonical.com
Fri May 4 17:54:12 UTC 2018

BugLink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1762824

All clean cherry-picks from upstream, limited to the hisi_sas driver.

The descriptions of 2 of the patches underplay the functional changes,
so I'll elaborate here on why I'm including them. "scsi: hisi_sas:
Code cleanup and minor bug fixes" because it corrects the interrupt
handler return values. "scsi: hisi_sas: remove unused variable
hisi_sas_devices.running_req" is an obviously correct change,
and allows the driver to drop several atomic instructions.

Tested on a HiSilicon D05 and a HiSilicon D06 board.

The following changes since commit d4174baeefbd0a9634291145600b90e13163f27d:

  UBUNTU: Ubuntu-4.15.0-20.21 (2018-04-23 23:56:56 -0500)

are available in the Git repository at:

  git://git.launchpad.net/~dannf/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/linux hisi-sas-updates

for you to fetch changes up to 2e3b262ef293485798233fc4fa53758d548e99d2:

  scsi: hisi_sas: Code cleanup and minor bug fixes (2018-05-03 19:48:52 -0600)

Xiang Chen (2):
      scsi: hisi_sas: remove unused variable hisi_sas_devices.running_req
      scsi: hisi_sas: Code cleanup and minor bug fixes

Xiaofei Tan (6):
      scsi: hisi_sas: dt-bindings: add an property of signal attenuation
      scsi: hisi_sas: support the property of signal attenuation for v2 hw
      scsi: hisi_sas: fix the issue of link rate inconsistency
      scsi: hisi_sas: fix the issue of setting linkrate register
      scsi: hisi_sas: increase timer expire of internal abort task
      scsi: hisi_sas: fix return value of hisi_sas_task_prep()

 .../devicetree/bindings/scsi/hisilicon-sas.txt     |  7 +++
 drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas.h                   |  1 -
 drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_main.c              | 34 +++++-------
 drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v1_hw.c             | 13 +++--
 drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v2_hw.c             | 62 +++++++++++++++++-----
 drivers/scsi/hisi_sas/hisi_sas_v3_hw.c             | 46 ++++++++--------
 6 files changed, 96 insertions(+), 67 deletions(-)

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