The Daily Bug Report for Friday, 09. February 2018 22:33 UTC

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Fri Feb 9 23:00:02 UTC 2018

The Daily Bug Report
Friday, 09. February 2018 22:33 UTC

The linux package acquired 13 new bugs in the last 24 hrs.

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status           Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    -------------    ---------------------
1748342   cgroup: remove cgroup directory leading kernel crash in k...    zesty       Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned
1748345   QCA9377 requires more IRAM banks for its new firmware                       Undecided       In Progress      AceLan Kao
1748373   Resume from hibernate fails on latest kernels                   artful      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748380   [Notebook W65_67SF] hibernate/resume failure                    bionic      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748393   No successful resume from hibernate beyond kernel version...    artful      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748395   btrfs related tests in ubuntu_ecryptfs failed on Precise ...    precise     Undecided       Incomplete       Unassigned
1748408   Servers going OOM after updating kernel from 4.10 to 4.13       artful      High            Triaged          Joseph Salisbury
1748470   Spectre V2 : System may be vulnerable to spectre v2             bionic      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748487   Please upgrade to get  kernel management                        bionic      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748505   Boot failed with hard LOCKUP linux-image-4.4.0-112              xenial      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748513   BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 00007f29ec...    xenial      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned
1748517   Ubuntu 18.04 - Include latest ibmvnic fixes in Ubuntu kernel    bionic      Undecided       New              Ubuntu on IBM Power Systems Bug Triage
1748520   SDXC card reader not recognized                                 artful      Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned

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