ACK: [SRU Xenial][RESEND][PATCH] UBUNTU: SAUCE: Redpine: fix for firmware assert upon assoc timeout

Shrirang Bagul shrirang.bagul at
Tue Dec 4 04:31:27 UTC 2018

On Wed, 2018-11-21 at 12:07 +0530, Siva Rebbagondla wrote:
> From: Siva Rebbagondla <siva.rebbagondla at>
> BugLink:
> When Association timeout happens and station tries to scan, observed below
> firmware assert.
> Root cause: When association starts, driver is sending station add peer
> notify to firmware but when Association timeout happens, driver is not
> sending station peer delete to Firmware. Hence, FW is going into DEEP SLEEP
> in associated state, which causes below Firmware assert.
> Fix: sending station delete peer notify when assoc timeout happens
> ...skipping...
> wlan0: authenticate with ac:a3:1e:a1:1e:85
> wlan0: send auth to ac:a3:1e:a1:1e:85 (try 1/3)
> wlan0: authenticated
> wlan0: associate with ac:a3:1e:a1:1e:85 (try 1/3)
> wlan0: associate with ac:a3:1e:a1:1e:85 (try 2/3)
> wlan0: associate with ac:a3:1e:a1:1e:85 (try 3/3)
> wlan0: association with ac:a3:1e:a1:1e:85 timed out
> ven_rsi_91x: rsi_disable_ps: Cannot accept disable PS in PS_NONE state
> ven_rsi_91x: rsi_interrupt_handler: ==> FIRMWARE Assert <==
> ven_rsi_91x: rsi_interrupt_handler: Firmware Status is 0xa
> IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready
> Signed-off-by: Siva Rebbagondla <siva.rebbagondla at>
Acked-By: Shrirang Bagul <shrirang.bagul at>

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