APPLIED[1-2]: [PATCH 0/3][SRU][ARTFUL] Fix deadlock on task switches with new microcode

Kleber Souza kleber.souza at
Thu Apr 5 12:22:45 UTC 2018

On 04/05/18 07:51, Tyler Hicks wrote:
> BugLink:
> [Impact]
> Some systems experience kernel lockups after updating to the latest
> intel-microcode package or when receiving updated microcode from a BIOS update.
> In many cases, the lockups occur before users can reach the login screen which
> makes it very difficult to debug/workaround.
> [Test Case]
> The most reliable test case currently known is to install the sssd package.
> Lockups may occur during package installation (disable IBPB by writing 0 to
> /proc/sys/kernel/ibpb_enabled to prevent this from happening). A lockup will
> most likely occur just after booting the system up as the lock screen is
> displayed.
> [Regression Potential]
> The fix is in the task switching code of the kernel so complexity of the change
> is relatively high.
> [Other Information]
> The third patch fixes what I think was an incomplete backport of 72be211ba.
> That commit added the initialize_tlbstate_and_flush() function but then never
> added any callers of that function.
> I was hopeful that the third patch would fix a resume from hibernation/sleep
> bug (LP: #1748393) but one tester reported that it did not have an effect.
> Tyler

Applied patches 1/3 and 2/3 to artful/master-next branch, adding the CVE
reference to patch 1/3 and the BugLink to patch 2/3.


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