The Daily Bug Report for Wednesday, 13. September 2017 22:33 UTC

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Wed Sep 13 23:00:01 UTC 2017

The Daily Bug Report
Wednesday, 13. September 2017 22:33 UTC

The linux package acquired 3 new bugs in the last 24 hrs.

Bug       Title                                                           Series      Importance      Status           Assignee
-------   ------------------------------------------------------------    --------    ------------    -------------    ---------------------
1716819   Ubuntu 17.04 does not wake up from suspension on MacBook ...    zesty       Medium          Incomplete       Unassigned
1716924   [Ubuntu 17.10 FEAT] Include cxlflash package in Ubuntu          artful      Undecided       New              Ubuntu on IBM Power Systems Bug Triage
1716996   latest kernel package breaks gnome logins                       zesty       Undecided       Confirmed        Unassigned

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