[PATCH][SRU Artful] UBUNTU: SAUCE: ahci: thunderx2: stop engine fix update

dann frazier dann.frazier at canonical.com
Fri Oct 27 14:59:28 UTC 2017

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 6:55 AM, Stefan Bader
<stefan.bader at canonical.com> wrote:
> On 27.10.2017 14:33, Marcelo Henrique Cerri wrote:
>> Hi, Stefan.
>> The change is inside an #ifdef CONFIG_ARM64 section.
> Ah ok, so it looks acceptable if Dann could clarify the author and maybe as well
> why no need to carry beyond artful

Stefan, Kleber, Marcelo,

Yeah - Jayachandran is the original author.

This is a workaround for a bug in early silicon that is not for
production use. That bug will be fixed in a silicon rev, and existing
boards replaced, so they do not plan to upstream the fix. However,
this early silicon is being evaluated with the artful kernel, so it'll
help users if we can carry it for a cycle.

(This is a fix for a fix we're already carrying, with the above caveat).


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