[SRU][Zesty][PATCH 0/3] Fixes for LP:1721070

Mauricio Faria de Oliveira mauricfo at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Mon Oct 9 15:10:23 UTC 2017

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for working on this one so quickly.  

I have a few suggestions to these backports, and sorry for not having them sent earlier,
but I just got to work with these backports later last Friday, when debugging a few test
cases reporting failures (LP bug 1721070 comment #11).  So mine and yours had a few diffs,
which I thought I could contribute over here, in case you wanted to consider them.

Sending those as replies to patches 1/3 and 2/3.

P.S.: fixing those test-cases requires 30-ish small patches, so those should go
      through another LP bug, as this one already works for the problem at hand.


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