ACK: [SRU][Xenial][PATCH 0/1] s390/mm: fix write access check in gup_huge_pmd()

Kleber Souza kleber.souza at
Thu Nov 9 07:40:16 UTC 2017

On 11/08/17 22:45, Joseph Salisbury wrote:
> BugLink:
> == SRU Justification ==
> The check for the _SEGMENT_ENTRY_PROTECT bit in gup_huge_pmd() is the
> wrong way around. It must not be set for write==1, and not be checked for
> write==0. Fix this similar to how it was fixed for ptes long time ago in
> commit 25591b0 ("[S390] fix get_user_pages_fast").
> One impact of this bug would be unnecessarily using the gup slow path for
> write==0 on r/w mappings. A potentially more severe impact would be that
> gup_huge_pmd() will succeed for write==1 on r/o mappings.
> This bug is fixed by mainline commit ba385c0594, which is in mainline as of 
> v4.14-rc2.  It was also cc'd to upstream stable.  It has already been accepted
> in upstream v4.13.y, so Artful and Bionic have the fix via the 4.13.5 stable
> updates.  This SRU for Xenial needed a minor backport, so it is submitted
> separate of Zesty. 
> Full testing feedback has not been reported by IBM as of yet.  However, I am 
> still submitting this SRU since the bug is critical and a re-spin may be needed.
> == Fix ==
> commit ba385c0594e723d41790ecfb12c610e6f90c7785
> Author: Gerald Schaefer <gerald.schaefer at>
> Date:   Mon Sep 18 16:51:51 2017 +0200
>     s390/mm: fix write access check in gup_huge_pmd()
> == Regression Potential ==
> This patch is specific to s390.  It has also been accepted by upstream stable,
> so additional upstream review has been done.
> == Test Case ==
> Awaiting full testing feedback from IBM.  SRU still submitted due to critical
> importance of bug.
> Gerald Schaefer (1):
>   s390/mm: fix write access check in gup_huge_pmd()
>  arch/s390/mm/gup.c | 7 +++----
>  1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

Trivial backport, already on the stable kernels.

Acked-by: Kleber Sacilotto de Souza <kleber.souza at>

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