Question Regarding KABI stability and GA Kernel

sunita shah matalia.sunita at
Fri May 26 21:08:30 UTC 2017

Hello Ubuntu Kernel Team,

I have a question regarding 16.04 Ubuntu Kernel and ABI compatibility. I
recently ran into an issue while using "get_user_pages_locked" API. I have
an out-of-tree kernel module which uses this API and was working fine on
16.04.0, however when I switched to 16.04.2 (desktop ISO, kernel version
4.8), I found that API signatures were changed and I had to fix that
manually in the production environment.

My question is If I stick to 16.04.0/1 GA kernel version and never
explicitly opt for HWE kernel, would Ubuntu ensure that all patch releases
on GA kernel don't break the existing API surface? I understand that new
APIs might be added, but I am more concerned about existing APIs being used
by my module.

Appreciate your help,
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