Proposal: promote aufs.ko from -extra to main linux-image package

Kamal Mostafa kamal at
Tue Mar 14 15:07:29 UTC 2017

We recently noticed that our kernel regression smoke test of 'aufs' was
failing on test hosts that run on cloud instances, because the
linux-image-extra package containing aufs.ko is (rightly) not installed by
default.   (Maas test hosts do get -extra installed by default, which is
why we didn't notice this before).

Docker requires aufs, and the Docker forums suggest that folks bump into
this problem frequently enough ("oh, it turned out that I needed to install
linux-image-extra to get it working").

Po-Hsu Lin points out that this bug is the same issue:
    "docker service failed to start on s390x (zVM) Yakkety"

For linux-aws, we have promoted aufs.ko to the main linux-image package.

I propose that we promote it for *all* supported Ubuntu kernels and
derivatives, so as to remove Docker's dependence on linux-image-extra.
Promoting it should be a very low risk operation -- systems that do have
linux-image-extra installed will still end up with aufs.ko in the same
filesystem location; systems that don't will just get a new loadable driver.

Thoughts on this idea?

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