[SRU][Yakkety][PATCH 0/1] mm/slub.c: fix random_seq offset destruction

Joseph Salisbury joseph.salisbury at canonical.com
Fri Mar 10 18:56:32 UTC 2017

BugLink: http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1663991

== SRU Justification ==
A bug was found in Yakkety, which causes a kernel call trace when the
bug reporter connects a third USB HDD to a USB hub. 
After the trace, kswapd0 process uses 100% of CPU.  This is fixed by
mainline commit a810007afe239d59c1115fcaa06eb5b480f876e9.  This commit
was also cc'd to stable.  However, submitting a SRU request since
upstream 4.8.x is EOL.

Commit a810007afe239d59c1115fcaa06eb5b480f876e9 was added to mainline
in v4.10-rc8.

== Fix ==
commit a810007afe239d59c1115fcaa06eb5b480f876e9
Author: Sean Rees <sean at erifax.org>
Date:   Wed Feb 8 14:30:59 2017 -0800

    mm/slub.c: fix random_seq offset destruction

== Test Case ==
A test kernel was built with this patch and tested by the original bug reporter.
The bug reporter states the test kernel resolved the bug.

Sean Rees (1):
  mm/slub.c: fix random_seq offset destruction

 mm/slub.c | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)


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