Ubuntu Kernel Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2017-06-13

Joseph Salisbury joseph.salisbury at canonical.com
Wed Jun 14 15:07:41 UTC 2017


The Ubuntu Kernel Team has published this weeks newsletter, which is in
the body of this email.  It will also be published on the insights blog[0].

The Newsletter is published weekly. It contains highlights from the
week, announcements regarding the development and stable kernels, as
well as any other news the Kernel Team may have.


The Ubuntu Kernel Team

[0] https://insights.ubuntu.com/


  *Tues June 13, 2017*



This newsletter is to provide a status update from the Ubuntu Kernel
Team.  There will also be highlights provided for any interesting
subjects the team may be working on.


If you would like to reach the kernel team, you can find us at the
#ubuntu-kernel channel on FreeNode.  Alternatively, you can mail the
Ubuntu Kernel Team mailing list at: kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com



    Unstable updated to 4.12-rc5


    Virtualbox and zfs enabled in unstable/4.12


    artful/4.11 updated to 4.11.4


    Stress-ng 0.08.04 uploaded


        Add new softlockup stressor, use with caution(!)


        This is going to the be the first of a bunch of RT stressors


    The following kernels were promoted to -proposed for testing: Zesty
      4.10.0-23.25 Yakkety 4.8.0-55.58 Xenial  4.4.0-80.101 Trusty
     3.13.0-120.167 trusty/linux-lts-xenial
     4.4.0-80.101~14.04.1 xenial/linux-hwe-edge
       4.10.0-23.25~16.04.1 xenial/linux-hwe
            4.8.0-55.58~16.04.1 xenial/linux-raspi2
         4.4.0-1058.65 xenial/linux-snapdragon
     4.4.0-1060.64 xenial/linux-aws
            4.4.0-1019.28 xenial/linux-gke
            4.4.0-1015.15 xenial/linux-joule
          4.4.0-1002.7 yakkety/linux-raspi2
        4.8.0-1039.42 zesty/linux-raspi2       4.10.0-1007.9

  * The following kernel snaps were uploaded to the store:

     pc-kernel          4.4.0-79.100 pi2-kernel
            4.4.0-1057.64 dragonboard-kernel 4.4.0-1059.63


    Devel Kernel Announcements

The 4.11 kernel in artful-proposed has been updated to 4.11.4. It is
also available for testing in the following


We intend to target a 4.13 kernel for the Ubuntu 17.10 release.  The
Ubuntu 17.10 Kernel Freeze is Thurs Oct 5, 2017.

    Stable Kernel Announcements

      Current cycle: 02-Jun through 24-Jun

             02-Jun   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle

05-Jun - 10-Jun   Kernel prep week.

11-Jun - 23-Jun   Bug verification & Regression testing..

             26-Jun   Release to -updates.

        Kernel Versions

precise  3.2.0-126.169

trusty  3.13.0-119.166

vivid  3.19.0-84.92

xenial  4.4.0-78.99

yakkety  4.8.0-53.56


linux-lts-trusty  3.13.0-117.164~precise1

linux-lts-vivid  3.19.0-80.88~14.04.1

linux-lts-xenial  4.4.0-78.99~14.04.1

      Next cycle: 23-Jun through 15-Jul

            23-Jun   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle

26-Jun - 01-Jul   Kernel prep week.

02-Jul - 14-Jul   Bug verification & Regression testing..

            17-Jul   Release to -updates.

    Status: CVE's

The current CVE status can be reviewed at the following:





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