NACK: [Xenial][PATCH 2/9] wrappers for ->i_mutex access

Kleber Souza kleber.souza at
Thu Dec 7 09:35:26 UTC 2017

Since you are not the original author of the patch, we need to have a
'From:' tag with the name/email of the original author as first line of
the patch. Just like it's done if you do 'git format-patch' and 'git

On 12/07/17 09:37, Khalid Elmously wrote:
> BugLink:
> commit 5955102c9984fa081b2d570cfac75c97eecf8f3b upstream.

In order for us to know if the upstream commit was cherry-picked or
backported, this information should to go in the SOB block below in the
form of:

(cherry picked from commit <sha1>)


(backported from commit <sha1>)

> 5955102c9984fa081b2d570cfac75c97eecf8f3b was only partially implemented before this - this is the rest of the change

When submitting a patch, it must contain the whole commit text from the
original commit upstream to keep the history. Comments related to the
backport changes should to be added to the SOB block below, together
with some identification of who is making the comment. E.g.

[kmously: 5955102c9984fa081b2d570cfac75c97eecf8f3b was only

> Signed-off-by: Khalid Elmously <khalid.elmously at>

The patch must have the whole Signed-off-by block from the original
commit and we add our SOB's and ACK's below it.

So for this patch, the email body before the diff itself would be
something like this:

From: Al Viro <viro at>


parallel to mutex_{lock,unlock,trylock,is_locked,lock_nested},
inode_foo(inode) being mutex_foo(&inode->i_mutex).

Please, use those for access to ->i_mutex; over the coming cycle
->i_mutex will become rwsem, with ->lookup() done with it held
only shared.

Signed-off-by: Al Viro <viro at>
(backported from commit 5955102c9984fa081b2d570cfac75c97eecf8f3b)
[kmously: <some comments here regarding the changes for the backport>]
Signed-off-by: Khalid Elmously <khalid.elmously at>


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