Ubuntu Kernel Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2017-12-05

Joseph Salisbury joseph.salisbury at canonical.com
Tue Dec 5 20:59:26 UTC 2017

November 21 through December 04

##Development (18.04)##
Every 6 months the Ubuntu Kernel Team is tasked to pick the kernel to be
used in the next release. This is a difficult thing to do because we
don't definitively know what will be going into the upstream kernel over
the next 6 months nor the quality of that kernel. We look at the Ubuntu
release schedule and how that will line up with the upstream kernel
releases. We talk to hardware vendors about when they will be landing
their changes upstream and what they would prefer as the Ubuntu kernel
version. We talk to major cloud vendors and ask them what they would
like.  We speak to large consumers of Ubuntu to solicit their opinion. 
We look at what will be the next upstream stable kernel. We get input
from members of the Canonical product strategy team. Taking all of that
into account we are tentatively planning to converge on 4.15 for the
Bionic Beaver 18.04 LTS release.

On the road to 18.04 we have a 4.14 based kernel in the Bionic -proposed

##Stable (Released & Supported)##
 * The kernels for the current SRU cycle are being respun to include
fixes for CVE-2017-16939 and CVE-2017-1000405.

 * Kernel versions in -proposed:

      trusty                    3.13.0-137.186
      trusty/linux-lts-xenial   4.4.0-103.126~14.04.1

      xenial                    4.4.0-103.126
      xenial/linux-hwe          4.10.0-42.46~16.04.1
      xenial/linux-hwe-edge     4.13.0-19.22~16.04.1

      zesty                     4.10.0-42.46

      artful                    4.13.0-19.22

 * Current cycle: 17-Nov through 09-Dec

               17-Nov   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
      20-Nov - 25-Nov   Kernel prep week.
      26-Nov - 08-Dec   Bug verification & Regression testing.
               11-Dec   Release to -updates.

 * Next cycle: 08-Dec through 30-Dec(This cycle will only contain CVE fixes)

               08-Dec   Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
      11-Dec - 16-Dec   Kernel prep week.
      17-Dec - 29-Dec   Bug verification & Regression testing.
               01-Jan   Release to -updates.

 * [The current CVE
 * If you would like to reach the kernel team, you can find us at the
   channel on FreeNode.  Alternatively, you can mail the Ubuntu Kernel
Team mailing
   list at: kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com.

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