Ubuntu Kernel Team - Weekly Newsletter, 2017-08-29

Joseph Salisbury joseph.salisbury at canonical.com
Tue Aug 29 21:39:26 UTC 2017

August 22 through August 28

##Development (Artful / 17.10)##


Important upcoming dates:
      Beta 1 - Aug 31 (~1-2 days away)
      Final Beta - Sept 28 (~4 weeks away)
      Kernel Freeze - Oct 5 (~5 weeks away)
      Final Freeze - Oct 12 (~6 weeks away)
      Ubuntu 17.04 - Oct 19 (~7 weeks away)

We intend to target a 4.13 kernel for the Ubuntu 17.10 release. The
Artful kernel is currently based on Linux 4.12.9.  The Artful staging
kernel repository has been updated to 4.13-rc7.  As a reminder, the
Ubuntu 17.10 Kernel Freeze is Thurs Oct 5, 2017.

##Stable (Released & Supported)##
 * The latest SRU cycle has been completed successfully and the
following kernel updates have been promoted to -updates:
      trusty  3.13.0-129.178
      xenial  4.4.0-93.116
      zesty   4.10.0-33.37

      trusty/lts-xenial  4.4.0-93.116~14.04.1
      xenial/raspi2      4.4.0-1071.79
      xenial/snapdragon  4.4.0-1073.78
      xenial/aws         4.4.0-1032.41
      xenial/gke         4.4.0-1028.28
      xenial/hwe         4.10.0-33.37~16.04.1
      zesty/raspi2       4.10.0-1016.19

 * The following CVEs have been fixed by kernels promoted to -updates
and -security:
      Trusty (3.13.0-129.178)
       * CVE-2017-1000112
       * CVE-2017-1000111
       * CVE-2016-7914
       * CVE-2017-7616
       * CVE-2017-7261
       * CVE-2017-7273
       * CVE-2017-7487
       * CVE-2017-7495

      Xenial (4.4.0-93.116)
       * CVE-2017-1000112
       * CVE-2017-1000111
       * CVE-2017-7495
       * CVE-2015-7837

      Zesty (4.10.0-33.37)
       * CVE-2017-1000112
       * CVE-2017-1000111
       * CVE-2017-7487

 * The following kernel snap updates have been uploaded to the snap store:

 * Current cycle: 25-Aug through 16-Sep

              25-Aug  Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
     28-Aug - 02-Sep  Kernel prep week.
     03-Sep - 15-Sep  Bug verification & Regression testing.
              18-Sep  Release to -updates.

* Next cycle: 15-Sep through 07-Oct

               15-Sep  Last day for kernel commits for this cycle.
      18-Sep - 23-Sep  Kernel prep week.
      24-Sep - 06-Oct  Bug verification & Regression testing.
               09-Oct  Release to -updates.

 * The Canonical Kernel Team is Hiring!
 * We've updated the bcc snap based on the Mon August 28th tip commit:
 * http://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1712168
   In Artful we enforce loading of only signed kernel modules under
secure boot. We support self-signing of modules by enrolling a MOK key
with shim and signing modules with that key. However a bug in our
4.12/4.13 kernels was causing the kernel to not use the MOK when
validating signatures. A fix for that has been comitted and will be in
the next artful-proposed kernel.
 * The current CVE status
 * If you would like to reach the kernel team, you can find us at the
   channel on FreeNode.  Alternatively, you can mail the Ubuntu Kernel
Team mailing
   list at: kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com.

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