initramfs-tools 0.130 release

Ben Hutchings ben at
Wed Apr 26 01:16:46 UTC 2017

This update, together with the unannounced 0.129, fixes more bugs than
you might imagine possible in a <40-line script:

- Setting the RESUME variable anywhere other than
  /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume was ignored
- Setting the RESUME variable to UUID=something or LABEL=something
  was ignored
- The fallback to automatic selection of the biggest swap partition
  actually sorted by dictionary order, not numeric order, of size
- There was no way to disable this automatic selection

All of which went largely unnoticed, since most systems have no more
than one swap partition, and if the resume device wasn't available at
boot we would (until version 0.128) ignore that.

I would like to automatically filter out swap device types that we know
won't be available at boot (e.g. zram).  But I think this will have to
do for now.  The resume hook will report when it fixes up a blank or
invalid RESUME value, and the NEWS file also explains the changes and
the new option of RESUME=none.


Ben Hutchings (12):
      hooks/resume: Use correct sort options to select the biggest swap partition
      initramfs.conf(5): Clean up split between general and NFS variables
      Support setting of RESUME in initramfs.conf or anywhere in conf.d/
      initramfs.conf(5): Document the RESUME variable
      hooks/resume: Check for chroot earlier
      Allow disabling resume from disk at build time by setting RESUME=none
      Support requesting automatic selection of resume device with RESUME=auto
      hooks/resume: Report when we might be doing something surprising
      NEWS: Add entry explaining the need for RESUME=none on some systems
      Releasing version 0.129.
      hooks/resume: Fix validation of resume devices specified by UUID etc.
      Releasing version 0.130.

Ben Hutchings
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