Zesty v4.9-rc5 kernel call for testing

Colin Ian King colin.king at canonical.com
Wed Nov 16 15:02:27 UTC 2016

On 15/11/16 21:39, Tim Gardner wrote:
> Zesty linux-4.9.0-1.2 has landed in -proposed. Note that vbox and AUFS
> are not yet implemented. I've also switched to the Zesty repositories
> for kernel, meta, and signed.
> git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/zesty
> As usual, the master-next branch reflects what is in -proposed and under
> development whereas master reflects what is in -release.
> git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+git/zesty
> git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux-signed/+git/zesty
> rtg
Re-tested with working zfs VM setup:

ubuntu_zfs_xfs_generic		OK
ubuntu_zfs_fstest		OK
ubuntu_zfs_smoke_test		FAIL
	ioctl failed.
	Aborted, core dumped

..I've seen this before, I think it may be due to a mismatched userspace
vs kernel driver issue, but I'm not 100% sure of that. As it stands,
this is regression that will bite quite a lot of users who are doing ZFS
send/receive style backups.


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