Meta-package naming for Xenial LTS backports

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Thu Jul 28 15:40:46 UTC 2016

On 07/27/2016 08:04 AM, Andy Whitcroft wrote:
> We have been discussing some naming for new meta-packages to allow for
> automatic rolling upgrades between Hardware Enablement (HWE) kernels
> within the LTS series.  This thread aims to firm those up.
> Currently we have meta-packages of the following forms:
>     linux{,-image,-headers,-signed,-tools}-<flavour>[-<variant>]
> The flavour then represents the primary use case for the kernel (for
> example generic and lowlatency) and the optional variant currently is
> used to identify the HWE kernels (lts-<series>).  For example:
>     linux-image-generic-lts-xenial
> The desire is to offer a rolling HWE kernel, this means a kernel variant
> which is updated automatically to the latest available HWE kernel within
> the LTS.  We would expect that to update to the next HWE kernel at each
> point release.  We wish to offer this in two forms, rolling until we
> reach the next LTS release and continuing to roll after an upgrade.
> Finally we wish to be able to offer early accesss to these updates as
> soon as they are available for testing purposes.
> We are proposing the following variants:
>     -hwe-16.04
>     -hwe-rolling
>     -hwe-16.04-early
>     -hwe-rolling-early
> So for example:
>     linux-generic-hwe-16.04
> /me puts up some substantial scaffolding round his bikeshed.
> -apw

I think the first 2 are fine. What is your intended use for "-early" ?
I'm reluctant to endorse something like "-early" if it isn't a release
requirement. Otherwise it'll get forgotten and grow stale.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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