Xenial SRU V2 - Full EEH Recovery Support for NVMe devices

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Tue Jul 19 21:36:53 UTC 2016

V2 - Cleaned up the unintended cruft in patch #6.


[PATCH 1/6 Xenial SRU V2] nvme: use a work item to submit async event requests
[PATCH 2/6 Xenial SRU V2] nvme: don't poll the CQ from the kthread
[PATCH 3/6 Xenial SRU V2] nvme: replace the kthread with a per-device watchdog timer
[PATCH 4/6 Xenial SRU V2] NVMe: Fix reset/remove race
[PATCH 5/6 Xenial SRU V2] nvme: Avoid reset work on watchdog timer function during error recovery
[PATCH 6/6 Xenial SRU V2] NVMe: Always use MSI/MSI-x interrupts

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