ACK: [PATCH 0/3][Xenial SRU]UBUNTU: SAUCE: Add ACPI probe support for ST

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Dec 19 18:18:18 UTC 2016

On 12/15/2016 09:35 PM, Shrirang Bagul wrote:
> These patches have been reviewed and merged into the maintainers tree.
> Would prefer to wait till they make it to linux-next; but, these patches
> are necessary if we are to support the accelerometer and pressure sensor on Dell
> Caracalla Edge IoT Gateways. These systems are supposed to start shipping with a
> signed Ubuntu Xenial kernel in the 2nd week of Jan 2017.
> Looks like we are at an impasse here, what is the best course of action to be
> followed in this situation?
> On Thu, 2016-12-15 at 07:36 -0700, Tim Gardner wrote:
>> Resend when these patches have at least made it into linux-next.

OK, these seem pretty low risk.
Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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