ACK: [Yakkety] [PATCH] UBUNTU: [Config] CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_845719=y

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Wed Dec 14 13:48:09 UTC 2016

On 12/14/2016 04:16 AM, Luis Henriques wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 10:02:12PM +0000, Colin Ian King wrote:
>>>>>> This is enabled for Xenial and not Yakkety (I wonder why the config
>>>>>> enforcer is not picking this up...)
>>>>>> There is no bug number in this patch, can that be included?  Also
>>>>>> reference to "Cortex-A53: 845719: a load might read incorrect data"
>>>>>> maybe of use in the patch as it informs us what CPU issue it works around.
>>>>> Some config options got mistakenly changed in yakkety, especially for
>>>>> non-x86 architectures. Only options marked as ENFORCED in the
>>>>> annotations file are enforced.
>>>>> So the patch probably should also mark this option as enforced. It will
>>>>> also be needed in zesty.
>>>> But all CONFIG_ARM64_ERRATUM_* aren't marked yet as ENFORCED
>>>> in debian.master/config/annotations for yakkety.
>>> Undoubtedly not everything that ought to be enforced is marked as
>>> enforced today. If it's critical that all of those options remain
>>> enbled, feel free to submit a patch which marks all of them as enforced.
>>> It's less important for the stable releases, but for the development
>>> release it will help us make sure we don't turn off options which need
>>> to be enabled. It would have prevented this problem in yakkety, for
>>> instance :-)
>> My gut feeling is this fits into our remit to sort out rather than those
>> submitting these kind of config changes as it's our kernel team tool and
>> method for catching these and we shouldn't expect community to be
>> concerned with the config enforcer details.
> Ok, it's not clear if I should wait for a v2 for this patch.  (And there's
> only one explicit ACK anyway... :-) )
> Cheers,
> --
> Luís

Luis - I think this is OK to apply. The annotation update needs to go in
the development kernel anyways (which I've done).

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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