Queued trim in Samsung SSD 8* serie a

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Sun Dec 11 15:24:38 UTC 2016


I have doubts concerning the management of the trim on SSDs Samsung 8* series.
With regard to "queued trim", these discs were put on the blacklist (in "libata-core.c" library) for each version of firmware and as a result, the queued trim should be disabled for them.
I own a Samsung 840 PRO with fw "5B0Q" (not the latest), and by mounting the partitions on that disk using the "discard" option (in fstab), this option, instead of being ignored (as it should), is taken into account (the "mount" command output shows "discard" in the partitions options).
I wonder if, despite this, the queued trim is in any case disabled or if there is some sort of bug or, most likely something that I did not understand.

Thanks to those who want me to come in handy explaining this behaviour.

Excuse me for my poor English

My Ubuntu is 16.04 up to date.
Kernel is 4.4.0-53-generic
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