Request for MacBookPro11,4 poweroff/suspend patch

Joe Barnett thejoe at
Fri Aug 19 14:30:15 UTC 2016

Hi Kamal & kernel-team,

An updated patch has been posted to with a Signed-off-by line.
Would be great to get this included in the xenial kernel.


On Thu, Jun 2, 2016 at 9:16 AM, Kamal Mostafa <kamal at> wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 01, 2016 at 07:36:11AM -0700, Joe Barnett wrote:
> > Since the release of the 2015 MacBookPro11,4 (15" retina), it has been
> > unable to suspend or poweroff on linux. Recently,
> > has received a patch
> > that works to fix these issues. The patch is in comment #172, and is also
> > attached to this bugreport in launchpad:
> > .  It is
> > reported to work very well by users of other distributions. In addition,
> I
> > can confirm that building the latest xenial 4.4.0-22-generic kernel with
> > this patch applied fixes the issue. Can this be added to the official
> > xenial kernel?
> Hi Joe-
> Thanks for reporting this.  The "comment #172" patch looks harmless and
> beneficial, but before we could consider it for the Ubuntu kernel(s),
> that patch will need to be properly "published" by the author -- it
> needs a From: author, title, description, and author's Signed-off-by
> line.  I've posted a note to the bug asking the
> author to provide that.
>  -Kamal
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