Routing traffic though a namespace

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Thu Mar 5 13:39:40 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Sorry, I'm not sure to be in the right place to ask my question, if not do not hesitate to tell me where to do so.
Here is my problem, I'm using a vanilla kernel 3.14.34 (patched with PaX/Grsecurity) on a virtual machine (ubuntu 14.04) made to be an openstack tenant router (so using netns and ovs). I'm experiencing a really slow bandwidth while routing traffic through a namespace between 2 VM on 2 different vlan (tagged with ovs).
Here is a picture representing my issue :
Tests were done with iperf. As you can see I have only 80kb/s with the vanilla kernel (I have actually the same low bandwidth without patching with grsecurity so the problem cannot come from here) (red color) and about 4Gb/s with your kernel. I took the same .config as yours to compile it.
So my questions are : is there a patch applied to make it work ? Could you help me ?
I can provide you any information required.
Thank you.

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