[Trusty SRU v2] Fix for LP: #1410852

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Mon Mar 2 16:38:55 UTC 2015

On Mon, Mar 02, 2015 at 05:04:41PM +0100, Stefan Bader wrote:
> Chris had submitted those a while ago, but the 3rd patch seemed wrong
> and I just re-ran the backport and the cherry-picks. #1 applied with
> a bit of fuzz. For #3 its more or less fuzz, too. Just a bit too much
> for auto-handling it. At least the last hunk is not supposed to replace
> a function.
> Compiled those 3 on top of current stable and could see the error
> go away with the described test-case.

For clarity this patch set addresses an issue when renaming network
devices which have vlans.  Previously we were not renaming all of the
sysfs files on device name change leading to name collissions in sysfs
and general failures.

The first _two_ patches here seem to be cherry-picks and are
foundational, the final patch is the meat of the change.


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