Request for 3.16.y stable: ideapad-laptop: Change Lenovo Yoga 2 series rfkill handling

Gaudenz Steinlin gaudenz at
Mon Mar 2 09:49:54 UTC 2015


Please include upstream commit ce363c2bcb2303e7fad3a79398db739c6995141b
into the 3.16.y stable tree. It fixes a really nasty rfkill bug on
Lenova Yoga 2 13 and Yoga 2 Pro where Linux activates the "hardware"
rfkill switch without any way to deactivate it again. The switch even
persists over reboots. See the commit message for the details.

The commit above went into 3.17-rc1 so the rule that it should first go
into a normal stable release does not apply.


P.S.: I'm unfamiliar with the process for submitting patches for
inclusion. Please tell me if you would like to have this in another
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