3.15 DKMS initial testing results

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Fri May 9 14:27:45 UTC 2014

Ok, I have learned far more than I would ever have desired about how the
DKMS testing we run against the kernel works, and having retried about a
third of the jobs we now have comparible results for utopic-proposed and
utopic-proposed+PPA.  The full comparison is at the bottom of the email,
but for our purposes we care about those which would change if we
release our 3.15 kernel into -proposed.  Eliding the jobs which still
fail or still succeed we end up with the following list:

    Pass Fail bcmwl_kernel_source
    Pass Fail blktap_dkms
    Pass Fail flashcache_dkms
    Pass Fail lttng_modules_dkms
    Pass Fail sl_modem_dkms

Note: I have already fixed iscsitarget_dkms.  I suspect that
lttng_modules_dkms is to be expected and not world ending.  I am tempted
to say if we can fix bcmwl_kernel_source we ought to be in good shape.


    Pass Pass backfire_dkms
    Pass Pass bbswitch_dkms
    Pass Fail bcmwl_kernel_source
    Fail Fail blcr_dkms
    Pass Fail blktap_dkms
    Fail Fail broadcom_sta_dkms
    Fail Fail dahdi_dkms
    Pass Pass fglrx
    Fail Fail fglrx_updates
    Pass Fail flashcache_dkms
    Pass Pass fwts_efi_runtime_dkms
    Pass Pass iscsitarget_dkms
    Pass Pass langford_dkms
    Pass Pass lime_forensics_dkms
    Pass Fail lttng_modules_dkms
    Pass Pass nat_rtsp_dkms
    Pass Pass ndiswrapper_dkms
    Fail Fail nvidia_173
    Fail Fail nvidia_304
    Fail Fail nvidia_304_updates
    Pass Pass nvidia_331
    Pass Pass nvidia_331_updates
    Pass Pass openafs_modules_dkms
    Fail Fail openswan_modules_dkms
    Fail Fail openvswitch_datapath_dkms
    Fail Fail oss4_dkms
    Fail Fail r8168_dkms
    Pass Fail sl_modem_dkms
    Pass Pass sysdig_dkms
    Pass Pass tp_smapi_dkms
    Pass Pass v4l2loopback_dkms
    Pass Pass virtualbox_dkms
    Pass Pass virtualbox_guest_dkms
    Pass Pass west_chamber_dkms
    Pass Pass xtables_addons_dkms

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