bogus patch in 3.8.y.z extended stable

Markus Kreidl markus.kreidl at
Wed Sep 18 16:16:15 UTC 2013

Could you please explain the algorithm you use to pick up patches for
the v3.8 stable series? I'm mostly interested how you ended up with

commit 98aab898043fdc0f63621dae282fb5448fc39f9a
Author: Federico Vaga <federico.vaga at>

    net/core/sock.c: add missing VSOCK string in af_family_*_key_strings

    [ Upstream commit 456db6a4d495f40777da6f1f32f62f13026f52db ]

in your tree. It is not really valid. If you have no idea why this is
bogus since Greg applied it to v3.9 tree and nobody complained there I
suggest a think tank. If it does not help here are two hints:

- VSOCK is not part of the v3.8 kernel
- gcc throws out a few warnings after the patch has been applied.

And? Got it?

regards MK

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