Regarding bug 1243591 and aufs issue with file lifecycle

Wojciech Kocjan wojciech.kocjan at
Mon Nov 4 13:51:24 UTC 2013


I have submitted a bug for Ubuntu that it does not apply the
aufs3-map.patch (the bug is here:
Joseph Salisbury has recommended me to contact the mailing list to describe
the problem in more details.

I have originally been in contact with the aufs author and the discussion
related to the issue can be found here:

The outcome of the discussion is that aufs was never fully tested without
the patch, and as an outcome of the discussion and subsequent checking,
aufs now requires applying the patch to work properly.

The patch itself can be found here:

I believe Ubuntu should also start applying the patch. As for what the
patch does, below is explanation (also from same thread on aufs-users):

As for some background - I am an application developer that came across an
issue that our app does not work in Docker with Ubuntu as host OS. Docker
uses aufs and when it uses aufs from Ubuntu with kernel without the said
patch, multiple files had same inode numbers (from my understanding this
was because of invalid file lifecycle), which caused dlopen() to use
incorrect files.

Previously the patch was said to be optional, but because of that issue it
should now be applied at all times.

Do you think it is possible for Ubuntu (preferably both 12.04 LTS and
13.10) to start using a Linux kernel build with the said patch applied? Do
you see any downsides of having it applied?

Wojciech Kocjan
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